Harley Davidson success story

Harley Davidson success story

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William Harley and his childhood friend Arthur Davidson started working in 1901 to make their first motor-bicycle.

Arthur’s brother Walter Davidson also helped them. They finished it in 1903 but while testing, they found the bike was unable to climb hills without the rider providing pedaling assistance.

But they didn’t give up and took it as a learning. They worked hard and created a bigger engine. In 1904, they entered this bike into a local motorcycle race at the State Fair Park, where it placed fourth.

Harley-Davidson engines were listed in the January 1905 Automobile and Cycle Trade Journal. They produced a total of 5 bikes this year. They produced 50 bikes in 1906 and 150 bikes in 1907.

They never look back after this and started selling their bikes to the police department. Two world wars helped Harley-Davidson to create the brand’s image of freedom that it’s still known for today.

They produced over 20,000 and 90,000 bikes in World War I and II respectively. Harley-Davidson was one of the 2 companies that survived in the great depression of 1929. Another one was the Indian Motorcycle Company.

Along with bikes, Harley Davidson also sells merchandise products under its brand including apparel, home decor, toys, video games based on bike lines, etc. We hope you will love this post. Don’t forget to save the post.

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